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Our Workplace Flexibility: Remote Working Tips and Tricks


Centene’s commitment to workplace flexibility supports our modern, flexible workforce which enables our employees to work where and how they work best. We recently asked several members of Talent Attraction what tips they have to ensure a successful and productive flexible work environment. Here’s what they had to say:

headshot of bonnie TBonnie T., TA Program Manager

  • Be flexible but also be reasonable when accommodating time zone differences. For example, consider accepting occasional early morning or late evening calls in your time zone but for recurring meetings, work with the meeting owner to have them during your ‘normal’ work hours so that you can maintain your work/life balance.
  • Pick one place to work in your home and contain your work to that area. Not only will you gain efficiency by having dedicated space, you will also break bad habits of working after hours, not being present in meetings because of distractions (such as TV shows) or worse, not focusing on yourself and family.
  • Take advantage of work flexibility and practice self-care which keeps your mind fresh and brain focused. Schedule regular breaks away from your workspace to get outside, stretch, take a walk or do other physical activity, talk with a friend, or simply have some quiet time to release tension and stress.

Headshot of Roy c.Roy C., TA Manager

  • Create a comfortable working space. This includes prioritizing natural light, an ergonomic desk, and a comfortable chair.
  • Establish routines and schedule breaks as needed throughout your day. 
  • When is it time to end your day, log off! This ties back into building your routine. One can get buckled down while working remotely, but it’s important to balance your work and personal life. 

Cori G., TA Manager

  • Get into the habit of ALWAYS including the time zone after any comment about time. For example: “Do you have a quick minute at 3 pm EST to connect?”. This cuts down on so much back and forth. 
  • Use your team chats to get to know your coworkers. If utilized properly, it really can replace the office chit-chat that took place when we were in the office. Some regular conversations in my team chat: show/podcast/movie/music recommendations; weather updates; weekend/evening plans, pet updates, and current events. This is all of course in addition to work-related topics.   
  • Build team engagement and conversation into team meetings. Make it an agenda item as important as any other topic. Team morale is so critical; especially in our roles as we are often the first interaction candidates have with Centene. 

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